DIY Bike Rack

Turn Old Bike Frame into Minimalist Bicycle Storage Unit

Health-conscious people often prefer bicycle over other vehicles to get around in the city. With increasing awareness about environmental issues, city dwellers are also opting bikes for commuting. However, finding a right place to store your bicycle indoors can be a challenge in tiny apartments.

If you’re looking for some sleek and modern way to store your cycle, then hanging bike racks provide you the best solution. But instead of spending extra dollars on expensive bike storage units, you can simply make your own DIY bike rack using old bicycle frame, just like Recyclart user [Ratis].

He collected retired bicycle parts and old bike frame (which supports handlebars) to form minimal yet stylish bike hanger. All the parts were then brilliantly fixed onto a solid wood, which supports the entire wall-mounted bicycle storage system.

The stainless steel bike frame with dark wood support seems quite elegant, even if the bike is not suspended over it. It’s not only appealing to look at, but also strong enough to hold the weight of any small or large bikes. This sleek wall-mounted bike hanger will make your ride an elegant home decor object, besides being a convenient conveyance vehicle.

For all those lazy commuters, who don’t want to get their hands dirty while making their own bike hanger, this particular bike wall-hanger is even available for purchase on Etsy for $120.

But if you’re willing to do-it-yourself, then you may follow the designers’ instructions on Instructables.

DIY Bike Rack

Bike rack made out of steel bicycle frame and solid wood

DIY Bike Rack

It forms a sleek yet stylish rack storage unit

DIY Bike Rack

DIY bike rack can hold the weight of even large bicycles

Via: Recyclart

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