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turn your old garden hose into no-slip outdoor mat

How to turn your old garden hose into no-slip outdoor mat

Probably every year (or sometimes twice a year) you may have to make a trip to the local Walmart to purchase a new garden hose. This is because it’s easily damaged when someone ran it over, or even if left out all winter, or maybe due to some other reason.

If you’ve plenty of old garden hoses in your store, don’t hurry to throw them in the trash. Instead, you can put those old garden hoses to good use by converting them into a functional and aesthetic no-slip mat for your boathouse or outdoor shower. This crafty waterproof mat is actually very easy to make.

turn your old garden hose into no-slip outdoor mat

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You need to start by cutting off the metal ends of the hoses. Next step is to fold your first hose in half and zip-tie it together. Continue wrapping the slack end of the hose around the center hoses to make an echoing pattern. Once you’ve used your complete first hose, it’s time to tie on the next one.

There is no rocket science involved, as to how many zip-ties you should use and how far apart to space them. You’ll get it on your own once you start wrapping and fold them into the desired shape. You can easily create a circular, oval, semi-circle, or rectangular shaped mat using some old garden hoses.

The end result is a beautiful waterproof and no-slip outdoor mat that will also add a pop of color to the outer section of your house. Besides using only one colored hose, you can also create ombre effect by using hoses of varying colors.

turn your old garden hose into no-slip outdoor mat

Image: Pinterest

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