Turtle Beach Hypersound-Glass Speakers

Turtle Beach’s transparent speakers use glass to improve sound

To please audiophiles, companies keep coming up with vast range of high-tech Bluetooth speakers or other audio systems. However, Turtle Beach’s Hypersound Glass speakers are literally out-of-the-box. The transparent speakers allow you to see right through them just like a conventional piece of glass.

Design of the speakers comprises a black stand and a rectangular frame that’s surrounded by a completely translucent panel. Featuring window pane-like layout, the speakers are meant to produce high quality ‘directional’ sound.

Unlike regular speakers, these transparent speakers don’t bear any cones, terminals, magnets and voice coil. But these are able to deliver superior sound through built-in transparent films that generate a beam of ultrasound. This highly focused beam directs sound to a particular direction.

Within the range of focused beam, the user will be able to hear clear sound coming from the speakers. However, if the person goes outside the range, they won’t hear anything. This means you don’t have to strap on a set of headphones, when you want to watch TV without disturbing your family.

This speaker system may not bear an ideal technology for home speakers, but has plenty of other uses. For instance, individuals with hearing impairments may benefit from this technology by listening to highly focused sound without leaking it to anyone around them. Moreover, these could also be useful in improving privacy services like ATM machines.

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