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Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Twist LED light bulb can stream music over AirPlay and Wi-Fi

Light bulbs integrated with speakers are not new to the world; such light fixtures are successfully entertaining the world. But the only problem with these light bulbs-cum-speakers is that one has to always turn on Bluetooth in order to play music and that’s not convenient all the time. However, the latest Astro’s Twist LED light bulb wants to change that forever with its built-in AirPlay speaker.

Rather than using Bluetooth, this light bulb can easily stream music over Apple AirPlay and Wi-Fi. The speaker is connected to LEDs, which changes colors such as bluish white in morning and warmer color in evening. Another best thing about this speaker bulb is that you don’t have to keep the lights on to hear music.

Furthermore, it fits perfectly into any standard light socket so you don’t need a specific lamp or wiring to use it. Twist is controlled by a circular dimmer that is meant to sit on bedside table or kitchen shelf, unlike other connected bulbs controlled via mobile app. You can preorder one for $250, which comes with one speaker bulb, two LED bulbs, and a dimmer. With this latest speaker bulb, you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere you without any interference or hassle.

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb_1

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Via: Mashable

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