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Twitter-connected Christmas tree lights-up on every loving tweet

Christmas is all about forgetting the worries of the world and getting lost in the magic of lights and love of dear ones. One way of engrossing yourself in the holiday spirit is by decorating your home. Christmas trees get all the attention because there are a whole lot of unique ways in which you can decorate them. For the geeky lot, the options extended even further owing to the fact that they have so much electronics prowess. This DIY is all about that.


The idea is to make a Twitter-connected Christmas tree which lights-up whenever there is a mention of the makers tag i.e. @button. Yes, the DIY is the brain child of Use Button, and they have managed to get what they wanted for this Christmas.


To the unassuming eye, it looks just like any other Christmas tree with a lot of lighting. But the thing that makes it different is the Twitter connected aspect. They added an Arduino microcontroller to light-up the tree in multitude of patterns and colors. Then, they connected it to the internet and now the tree comes to life whenever there is a tweet about them.


According to Use Button, it’s a very heartening feeling when the lights come on in their office. They take heart from the fact that someone is thinking about them in the busy festivities.

Via: Hackster

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