Two-legged Chair by Benoit Malta

Two-legged Chair Encourages Physical Activity in Your Lifestyle

Inactivity is considered as a major setback of the 21st century. We have a lot of smart devices to make our life easier, but these technologies have somehow made us lazy and inactive. Due to this, we have to deal with many health issues, specifically bad body posture. To tackle this, Benoit Malta, design graduate from École Boulle School of fine arts and craft in Paris, has designed the Two-legged Chair that aims at reducing health issues caused by our increasing sedentary routine.

Malta has created this chair after consulting physical therapists and ergonomists. The two legs of the chair are made purposely to introduce dynamic activity within your domestic environment. The chair is not stable and requires a user to constantly adjust their position using legs and back muscles in order to maintain their balance. The active legs and back muscles encourage users to maintain an upright body posture rather than a hunched position.

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The seat is crafted using a three-axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine, and the backrest is made of laminated beech and rest of the parts are handcrafted.

Although the chair cannot be used like a regular chair to sit comfortably due to obvious reasons, it could become a regular exercising tool for people to increase their mobility and maintain good body posture.

Two-legged Chair

Designed to increase physical activity 

Two-legged Chair

Seat of the chair is crafted using CNC machine

Two-legged Chair

Allows user to constantly adjust their position to maintain balance

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