UK Researchers develops a smart carpet to assist aged people in walk

Maybe the UK researchers haven’t created the imaginary Aladdin’s magic carpet but they have developed something that can be designated as a Magic Carpet. The smart carpet in discussion can detect falls as well as predict them! When a person walks over this carpet then it detects the walking style and pattern of that person with the help of plastic optical fibers and integrated electronic sensors. This could be a revolutionary carpet for the people who are aged above 65 years because every year hospitals are stuffed with the fall cases that mostly happen to the aged people.

There are a good number of aged people in most of the countries and they all do need assistance and care so as not to end into the hospital every time they walk. The researchers have thus employed a technique that works on same lines as does the hospital scanners. With an interconnected network of optical fibers, tiny electronics additions on the carpet edges and a computer, the Magic Carpet just does its innovative task. In further developments the carpet can also detect things like fire and chemical spillage.

With more research on this carpet the researchers assure that these carpets could be produced at a cheap cost. It then would help a lot to the physiotherapists to know about the patient’s posture problems and people who need assistance with their walk. In future these kinds of carpets can be placed in homes for better indoor walking in case of aged people.

Via: Gizmag/Ubergizmo

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