galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Ukrainian Bakery Serves Mesmerizing Galaxy-Inspired Eclairs

From cakes, cookies to lollipops and donuts; the galaxy-inspired baking trend is buzzing on the internet and gaining interest all across the world. Seeing its popularity (like most bakeries) Musse Confectionery, a Ukraine-based bakery shop also showed their creativity by creating amazing Galaxy Eclairs. They have just started serving beautiful space-inspired Eclairs in their bakery shop that people are admiring.

Seeing the Galaxy Eclairs popping-up in the pastry shop, you cannot stop yourself from having them. They look so mesmerizing and give you the feeling as if you are seeing small colorful planets. Made with simple ingredients like sugar, food coloring, each tiny treat is wrapped-up in various shades of blue, purple and pink swirl together to form galactic view with tiny stars.

The bakery shop already has a popular market in Ukraine for selling best Eclairs, thus, their Galaxy Eclairs also tastes delicious as other ones. It tastes softer than cakes and pastries, therefore they can be your best daytime desert. Unluckily, they are only exclusively available at Musse Confectionery’s shop, so you have to fly to Ukraine to taste this tiny food art with a captivating appeal.

Musse Confectionery's galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Musse Confectionery’s galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Space-inspired Eclairs

Space-inspired Eclairs

Galaxy-inspired Eclairs in various shades of blue, purple and pink

Wrapped-up in various shades of blue, purple and pink

Galaxy-inspired Eclairs

Galaxy-inspired Eclairs look captivating

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