UK’s First Amphibious House by Baca Architects

UK’s first amphibious house can prevent inhabitants from floodwaters

UK-based Baca architects has almost finished construction work of the nation’s first 738-square feet amphibious home dubbed Formosa. The three-story dwelling is built on a designated flood zone along the stretch of the Thames River in England. Its structure is designed in a way that it can easily escalate up to 2.7-meters at the times of floodwaters.

Formosa stays fixed on a concrete block during dry weather conditions, but fills up with water when fierce water tides rise, elevating the building gently without any damage to the property.

The Baca team is a leader in waterfront architecture, as they conducted years of research to come up with a flood-resistant home. Finally, they have created a beautiful house that responds to flooding conditions and smoothly work with flood to protect the inhabitants. Furthermore, its surrounding garden with a cautionary mark acts as a first line of defense against flooding and provides a warning message to the residents when water level reaches a threatening level.

Keeping in mind- the architecture of most Buckinghamshire homes, the architects designed this amphibious home with a traditional pitched roof and other characteristics of the regional homes. The amphibious house is also highly energy-efficient, all thanks to the insulated high-performance glazed windows. Overall, it is an efficient model of a flood-resistant home to protect various other flood-prone regions too.

UK’s First Amphibious House by Baca Architects

The three-story dwelling can rise up to 2.7 meters during flood conditions

UK’s First Amphibious House by Baca Architects

Construction process of the concrete dock

UK’s First Amphibious House by Baca Architects

Formosa house in static and flooding conditions

UK’s First Amphibious House by Baca Architects

The structure gradually elevates in flood

Via: Gizmag

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