Ulo Surveillance Camera

Ulo is a Owl-Shaped Interactive Home Monitoring System

Thanks to home automation, these days most of our home accessories are connected but not many of them interact efficiently. With the aim to make an interactive smart home device, French designer Vivien Muller has created a cute owl-shaped surveillance camera Dubbed Ulo that can interact with its eye expressions.

It creates a very natural communication with humans as it has two round 1.22-inch sensors that replicate owl eyes, while the reflective nose is fitted with the camera, motion sensors and a microphone. Ulo connects with your home Wi-Fi network for live streaming videos and photos.

One can customize the eye color, shape and size according to personal preference with the accompanying app. Making it more interactive, the camera is provided with happy, grumpy, surprised, upset, agitated and puzzling emotions. For example, when the battery is low it looks tired; blinks on a snapshot, follow your movement and squints when watching live video.

Just a single tap on the forehead can activate or deactivates the little device, while double-tap activates Alert Mode. In case, your smartphone leaves Wi-Fi network area, it records every movement and record in animated GIF and sends it later via email.

For endless possibilities, Muller has made this little surveillance device IFTTT compatible. So, other connected devices or internet services can also trigger Ulo’s functionalities, like if it begins to rain Ulo will be grumpy.

Currently Ulo production phase and available for preorder on Kickstarter. So, if you want to add cuteness into your interactive home monitoring system, pledge for €149 (approx. $162).

Ulo can lay on a flat surface or be hanged on a wall

Ulo can lay on a flat surface or be hanged on a wall

Ulo Surveillance Camera

In Alert Mode Ulo can last one week on full charge

Ulo Surveillance Camera

IFTTT compatible Ulo comes with dedicated mobile application

Ulo Surveillance Camera

Single tap to switch on/off the camera

Ulo Surveillance Camera

When active eyes follow the motion

Ulo Surveillance Camera

Tired Ulo battery under 10-percent


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