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Ultimate butter knife with built-in grater solves breakfast blues

Almost all of us have, at some point in time, struggled in spreading cold evenly on a slice of bread without tearing a hole into it. It is one mutual problem at the breakfast table, almost every household confronts first thing in the morning. To provide a simple, yet creative alternative to our regular butter knifes, three Australian designers Craig Andrews, Sacha Pantschenko, and Norman Oliveria have developed the ultimate butter knife with a built-in grater.

A butter spreader with grater, seems a simple innovation, but is will surely solve the long time problem at the breakfast table – say no to those uneven slabs of cold butter on your toast. The stainless steel made ultimate butter knife helps spread butter by grating it first, making it softer and easier to spread evenly. The knife grates butter and collects it on the blade before its serrated edge can be used to spread it on a toast.

The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp is up on Kickstarter and it has raised AUD $208,533 of its $38,000 goal (at time of writing) with 11 days to go. Scheduled to go into production this September, the butter knife will be available for AUD $12 and will be shipped in March next year.

butter knife with grater-1

butter knife with grater-2

butter knife with grater-3

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