Ultrasonic Cloth Dryer – Low energy tech dries laundry in just 14 seconds

Ultrasound is good enough to wash clothes, we all know that technology exists. To dry your clothes in a jiffy, researchers from US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have teamed up with scientists from GE Appliances to make a cloth dryer which is 70 percent more efficient from existing technology. Also this new system takes up half the time taken by current appliances. It uses piezoelectric transducers connected to an amplifier which expands and contracts to vibrate at high frequency to atomize the moisture present in clothes. This evaporated the water as mist and quick dries your clothes.

To give you an idea of how quick this drier is – the transducer was able to dry clothes in 14 seconds flat. That is way ahead of the conventional methods which take at-least 15 minutes. As an additional benefit, the new technology produces less lint and is much quieter than your average laundry drier. Lack of the need for high flow rate and high temperature means that the quality of your cloth’s fabric is maintained for a very long time.

The two companies are planning to make a full-size dryer implementing this innovative technology, and then later on make a consumer-ready dryer. Clearly, this technology is the next revolution in cloth dryer appliances, and we just can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Credit: Energy.Gov

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