People are Taking Interest in Survival Condo Underground Apartments

These Underground Survival Condos are Perfect for Isolation During Coronavirus Outbreak

Larry Hall started the Survival Condo project in 2008. For this, he purchased an underground Atlas missile silo and transformed it into a complex of luxury survival condos. The condos are designed for safety, comfort, and to maintain a luxury lifestyle in the most extreme conditions.

Tapping into the interest of people seeking such survival accommodations, Hall has been able to complete the first Silo in Kansas and handover the finished apartments to rightful owners. Another set of apartments is under construction for now.

Each Survival Condo accommodates a cluster of underground apartments, equipped with different amenities including luxury living space and some common spaces.

From food and water to electricity and fresh air, everything is in there. Each facility can accommodate up to 75 people for more than five years. The epoxy-hardened concrete walls of the shelters are 2.5 to 9 feet thick, able to withstand critical natural or manmade conditions including a direct nuclear strike and winds in excess of 500 MPH.

There are four different options to choose from according to living space needs and of course, the budget. The first one is a half-floor unit with 900 sq. ft. of living space, enough to accommodate 3 to 5 people. From bedroom to bathroom and kitchen, it has everything one would need to stay at home.

This unit is priced at about $1.5 M, which makes it accessible only to the filthy rich that have millions to spare for a private underground apartment. There is also an option to buy an entire converted silo and even add some custom features to it.

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These apartments were constructed with the idea of providing people a high level of protection, and in these testing times when Coronavirus is raging like wildfire, the underground apartments seem perfect bet to maintain social distancing required to break the chain of virus spread.

The official website states, these underground residential units are fitted with nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) air filtration system that can filter out pathogens like COVID-19.

Via: Dwell

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