Unique DWR Tessellate chair by Orange22

Designed for Design Within Reach by Orange22, the Tessellate chair is unlike any other seating unit we’ve seen before. Not different in design alone, the Tessellate chair also stands out for its technique of creation and strength. Made in ‘one shape that does it all’, the DWR Tessellate is crafted in a unique design with crisp, folded edges in aluminum, plastic or fiberglass. Thriving on its forte of engineering inexpensive chairs without sacrificing on the aesthetics, Orange22 has managed to devise the DWR Tessellate to perfection.

Dario Antonioni founder of Orange22 Design Lab says that in designing the Tessellate by bending materials like aluminum, plastic or fiberglass the chair is able to gain strength and comfort with the same bending, allowing the chair to me folded out to precision in one straight go.

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