FISH tank by Dean Zeus Coleman

Unique looking fish tank mimics graffiti art

FISH tank by Dean Zeus Coleman

We have fish tanks and we have FISH tanks! London based artist Dean Zeus Coleman has ingeniously contributed to the second category by creating his graffiti-styled fish tank with a literal typography of the word ‘Fish’. The sculptural piece is entirely crafted in conventional glass, while the form translates into a ‘dynamic’ art piece with its subtle angles and direction. The end result is a uniquely designed fish tank that is surely to notch up on the eccentric level of your living room home decor.

FISH tank by Dean Zeus Coleman

And, even beyond just its novel aesthetic credentials, the FISH tank does allude to the legacy of graffiti art we encounter in the alleys and along dilapidated brick walls. The free flowing nature of the letters is a testament to this flexible art form, which is further enhanced by the innocuous movement of the marine life inside (oblivious to the angles and the shape of the fish tank).

FISH tank by Dean Zeus Coleman

FISH tank by Dean Zeus Coleman

Via: Detail-Online

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