Old Tires Garden Planters

Upcycle old tires into charming and colorful garden planters

Tires are the last objects that come to your mind when you think of a lush green home garden. But all thanks to creative DIYers, retired car or truck tires are becoming an integral part of modern gardens. There are many ways to upcycle old tires into whimsically colorful garden planters.

DIY garden planters

We’ve recently come across a DIY Recycled Tires Planter Project, which converts unused tires into eye-catching planters for backyards and gardens. For making useful garden planters out of tires, you just need to paint each tire in a colorful base color with PVA paint. In the given tutorial, white color is used, but you can also use any other color of your choice.

After painting, let the tires air dry by laying them flat. Use a black trash bag to line the bottom of each tire. Even poke a few holes into the trash bag for drainage. Next step is to stack tires atop the base tires for creating a vertical garden planter.

This DIY garden planter project is truly customizable. You don’t need to stick to any particular paint color, just paint them in different colors like orange, yellow, red, etc. for a vibrant feel of spring throughout the year. Check out the video below to see the full tutorial.

Old Tires Garden Planters

Old Tires Turned into Garden Planters

Old Tires Garden Planters

You can stack tires atop the base tires for creating a vertical garden planter

Via: LittleThings

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