Urban Shelf from Chiasso brings fire exit ladder to your interior

We often struggle to find space in our small apartments and it’s the same with people living in larger, more spacious homes too. The thing we forget, and is well reminded by this Urban Shelf from Chiasso, is that we can make space for making things out of just about any material readily available out there. Best example using galvanized gas pipes to making wall-mounted shelves as creative and appealing as the Urban Shelf. Mimicking the atmosphere of city dwelling, the Urban Shelf is designed to look like the fire exit ladder, which may sound outrageous, but is absolutely cool to look at.

Made precisely of strong epoxy-coated steel, the Urban Shelf measures about 12-x 3.75-x 25.5-inches and is awesome furniture unit for any household type. The user may be required to assemble the shelf when delivered to him, but we guess it’s worth taking the pain, if you want those books, magazines, plants etc. to be well displayed on the wall.

Via: CoolMaterial/TheAwesomer

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