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Useful Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room Walls

If you are confused about what you should do to transform your boring dining room walls into something interesting, then we’ve got you covered. Along with paintings and murals, there are many other ways to beautify the walls of your dining.

So, here are some useful tips to guide you about decorating dining room walls for the best possible aesthetic look without breaking the bank.

Using the right wallpapers

Whether you have rented your house or simply do not want to go through the process of painting your walls again, wallpapers are an easy option for decoration. With so many different patterns and colors to choose from, you cannot go wrong with finding wallpaper that suits your taste and style.

If you like, the idea of keeping your dining room looking neutral, using metallic wallpaper is a subtle way to add some glamour. If you would like to make your dining room look a little more fun, you can try out patterns such as stripes. You can go for some bold horizontal stripes to make your compact dining space appear larger.

Mixing patterns and colors

Your dining room is a place of socializing where people will get to learn more about you. If you are someone with a bold personality, show it up by mixing different patterns and colors. An example of such combinations could be floral and polka dots, or a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes. However, if you would not like to go overboard with the decoration, you can stick to monochromatic colors that speak of your own personality.

Using draperies for adding colors

Other than wallpapers, draperies are another interesting way to include colors and prints to your dining room. The nicest way to adorn a wall with draperies is to use a generous amount to fill the wall. To make the draperies act as a focal point, you can choose to set up a wider drapery rod than your window and fill the ends with some extra, eye-catchy drapes.

Portraying photomurals

Portraying photomurals on the wall might sound like the simplest decorating idea, but it could play a role in accentuating your entire dining room. It’s a good idea to begin by finding a photomural that reflects your own self.

It could be a beautiful memory of you and your loved ones or something that reminds you of your travel experiences. A calm sunset scene mural or even a beach scene can also be used to set the perfect mood for enjoying a meal with your loved ones.

Placing mirrors on the wall

It is a fact that placing a mirror in a room could potentially make the room appear larger than it actually is. Considering this fact, if you own a small dining space, the trick can do wonders for you. Angling the mirror towards a focal point is an excellent way to inculcate a depth illusion.

Furthermore, mirrors can make your dining room look brighter by reflecting artificial and natural light – during both day and night. Therefore, it could prove to be effective if you place the mirror close to a window.

Installing wall lightings

Another clever way to fill up empty walls to make them look attractive is by installing lighting fixtures. Wall lightings typically come in the form of sconces. They are a great way to attract people’s attention to something.

Whether it is a happy memory of you and your family or an exquisite artwork, installing wall lightings on its sides will do a great job in drawing people’s interest. They are also perfect to set the right mood for a romantic, dimly-lit dinner with your spouse.

Setting up wall-mounted/hanging cabinets

Last, but not least, rightly setting up some cabinets or shelves on the wall could help in adorning your dining room. They will not only help you keep your space organized, but allow you to showcase your favorite pieces. Whether you set up a wall-mounted cabinet or shelf, you could use them to exhibit elegant art pieces or even some plants.

Decorating ceilings

You can’t forget the ceiling when decorating your dining room. This is the space where you can hang a chic chandelier that will not only help you add ambiance but will be a highlight in the space as well.


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