V12 espresso machine

V12 espresso machine by Espresso Veloce for auto aficionados

V12 espresso machine by Espresso Veloce

The V12 espresso machine pictured above is a luxuriously designed coffee maker that mimics V12 engine. A Formula 1 racing fan would definitely fancy this coffee machine manufactured by Espresso Veloce. The materials used to make this coffee machine are aluminum, magnesium, and titanium that are often used to make racing cars in the motor racing world. Having just a sip of coffee brewed from this machine will take you to the automobile world. The metallic look of the machine resembles the iconic Ferrari engine whereas coffee brewer and filters give an impression of being exhaust tubes and oil filters. This coffee machine is completed with a set of similarly themed coffee mugs.

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These one-of-a-kind coffee machines are made in a limited edition of 500 units and there is no word on pricing yet. But, we are pretty sure about the fact that owing such an amazing brewing appliance for your kitchen would surely burn a hole in your pocket.

Via: Gizmodo/OhGizmo

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