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Vac’a’Soup: Vacuum cleaner makes wholesome soup in few minutes

On a lazy morning, a warm bowl of soup is not only easy to make but its filling as well. Instead of preparing unhealthy soup premixes, why don’t you make soup with fresh veggies at push of a button? To make homemade healthy soup at touch of single button is now possible, all thanks to British inventor Colin Furze’s latest brainchild Vac’a’Soup.

The crazy inventor has brilliantly turned old vacuum cleaner into a convenient soup maker. Inner section of the vacuum cleaner includes two food blenders and one heating element to cook tasty soup for you anytime. For preparing healthy soup, you need to use vacuum pipe to suck up water and desire food ingredients.

Now just switch on vacuum’s power button for further blending all ingredients to form delicious wholesome soup within few minutes. It’s surely a practical and easy-to-use soup maker that even you can create for your kitchen, following Furze’s instructions.

Check out the video given below to find out more about this crazy invention.

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