Vacuum-powered BKON TX tea maker makes perfect tea in 60 seconds

BKON TX Tea Maker

Tea is consumed more than any other beverage in the world but inclusion of technology in tea making appliances were not available until now. BKON, US-based firm has unveiled its BKON TX tea maker for $13,000, which is quite pricey for a tea maker. The firm claims that the tea maker can make a perfect cup of tea in just 60 seconds, which even human beings cannot make. The tea maker includes a brewing chamber to keep water and tea and a digital screen on its right side to control settings of the appliance. It comes with firm’s patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process to control the infusion of beverage through a negative pressure.

BKON TX Tea Maker

Dean Vastardis, co-founder of BKON mentioned that Reverse Atmospheric Infusion creates negative vacuum in the brewing chamber of the appliance, which lets tea to rise up to the surface of the liquid. Due to the negative pressure gases inside water and tea are released, these gases help in complete extraction of flavors within tea leaves and to mix well in water. The same process is repeated number of times depending on the type of tea until complete extraction of its flavor.

BKON TX Tea Maker

The process creating negative vacuum is not available in any other tea making appliance which makes the BKON TX tea maker unique. The appliance is still is in its testing phase and hasn’t been sold yet. It is being tested at few cafes including Starbucks Teavana Pilot Store in New York and might be available for consumers by the end of this year. But a question remains that would you pay $13,000 for a cup of tea?

Via: DailyMail

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