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Vertical Garden Sundar Italia

Vertical garden from Sundar Italia keeps your green soul alive

In every sense, a perfect house is one that has a prefect garden to enjoy evening breeze with family. But as the areas are getting smaller and smaller, having a garden is becoming a dream. To let everyone relive his/her dream of having a prefect home with a lush green garden, Sundar Italia came up with an idea of vertical garden.

Sundar Itaia is an Italian design house known for designing and building vertical gardens for indoor as well as outdoor. The company was formed in 2007 with passion, enthusiasm and experience of the founder, who initially worked with Patrick Blanc, a French botanist and the original creator of the technique of vertical gardens.

Design of the gardens are based on the plant framework, helping breath new life into lifeless walls of homes, offices and shops. Each design is characterized according to the spaces, and the plants are selected to create a desired effect. Climate and location also play an important role in creating an effect, as, after all, the home decor is completely dependent on the choice of plants.

Each project taken by Sundar Italia is entirely dependent on clients’ choice, location, light.  They work closely with their clients to decides on what type of plants would work inside or outside the house or office area in particular climate conditions. To make sure that the walls are not compromised in vertical gardens, the company ensures to install fully autonomous irrigation system to maintain photosynthesis process.

The company dedicated in bringing green element back into your house and office is a bunch of eco-conscious people who use recyclable material and clean energy in their designs to reduce carbon footprints. And, their sustainable product – vertical gardens – is a way to care about the surroundings and helping in contributing towards a healthy and pollution-free environment.

Vertical Garden Sundar Italia

Sundar Italia converts simple walls into spectacular gardens

Vertical Garden Sundar Italia

Each project is completely dependent on the client’s choice

Vertical Garden Sundar Italia

The gardens are install with fully autonomous irrigation system

Vertical Garden Sundar Italia

Sundar Italia is serving every green soul

Via: SocialDesignMagazine

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