Vesaro’s VR racing simulator is perfect for geeky homeowners

A geeky home demands high-tech stuff out there to please all the nerds in your nest. Gaming is one activity that’s for all ages, and when it comes to racing games on a lazy weekend (relaxing in your recliner), it’s time to take the next step. The leap towards a racing simulator which will shoot you to thrill, activating all your senses with physical stimulus that takes you right inside the action on the tarmac. Well, you can say, non-stop racing action while the snowflakes come down from the sky and the landscape turns white this Christmas.

This is Vesaro I Modular virtual reality-based simulator tailor-made for homeowners who are die hard motorsports fans. The racing sim traverses you right in the middle of high octane action with its D-BOX motion physics system to replicate in-game movement and G-Force seat belt system for force feedback effects under braking. Also the force feedback wheel system ensures accurate steering input with precisely recreating road surface texture and tyre movement on the road surface. Paired with a VR headset, the optical input puts forth immersive 3D visuals.

The simulator can be set up in a Formula-1 style architecture, GT racing like or rally setup. The seating position, steering wheel position and force feedback levels are adjusted according to the configuration which promises real time gaming stimulus. All set for countless hours of non-stop racing entertainment, the simulator is ideal Christmas holiday gift for your family.

Vesaro I professional virtual reality based simulator comes with a 2 year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any hiccups.

Most certainly a must have accessory for racing game lovers who like to own the best. However, the price depending on the model you choose is quite steep ranging from £999 – £15,775.

Image: Vesaro

Image: Vesaro

Image: Vesaro

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