Veteran makes lawn mower to tackle his uneven backyard without much effort

Mowing your lawn is a good activity reserved for the weekends, especially if you have kids who love to shave off all the grass. However, lawn mowing can be a tiring task for elderly, and it is daunting task if the lawn has a steep elevation and is uneven. Michael Schley, who isn’t young anymore, was having a tough time mowing his uneven lawn, where at some point are elevated at an angle of 30 degrees. He couldn’t find any suitable lawnmower at the local store and decided to make one of his own. The veteran believed his lawn was from hell since it was becoming a headache for him to mow it every week, putting in hours of tiring effort.

Michael build a lawn mower from a piece of plywood, ropes, scrap aluminum and some weed whips. He made in such a way that he wouldn’t need to move up and down on the slope, rather he could maneuver the mower with the rope. This saves time and most importantly effort for the aging inventor.

Making this DIY home lawn mower is quite easy, and with a bit of technical knowledge you should be able to put it together in a couple of hours’ time. Check out more in the video below.

Via: Kare11

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