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VIA is one hell of a modular unit that combines induction cooker, grill and griddle

You love your small apartment, but there is limited kitchen space in there, you always have to compromise on the number of appliance you can have for cooking. It was fine to do with one or two things when you were alone, but moving in with your better half can just be cranky. For your transforming needs, and for the requirements of all living in tiny apartments or others with best of kitchens comes the VIA compact, modular cooker designed by Buse Ustun of Ankara, Turkey. VIA does a modular kitchen unit comprising an induction cooker, grill, griddle and steamer all in one. Surprised!

Ustun designed VIA features a trapezoidal base with side flaps that fold out. The front of the unit has three drawers that house all the accessories. The center of the trapezoidal base of the VIA features the induction cooker. The side flaps on either side flip down parallel to the counter top to support any utensil. Best part about VIA (still not in production) is that it can be simply assembled and disassembled and can thus be cleaned easily.

Via: DudeIWantThat

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