Vine freestanding rack by Decorpro

Vine Freestanding Rack to Show-Off Your Favorite Bottles of Wine

Decorpro, the Canadian manufacturer of home and garden products, has created a tall, slender freestanding wine rack called Vine. When it comes to wine racks, many people prefer to hide them in corners of a living room or beneath a counter. But the exquisite design of this sculptural bottle holder will make the homeowners want to put it on display.

Made from solid steel, the structure of this unit is further powered-coated with gunmetal gray epoxy. It features angled slots that form perfect nooks for storing a maximum of 10 bottles of your favorite wine. When not in use, it’s slender layout makes an easy storage unit that can be kept in a cupboard or a cabinet.

Vine freestanding rack indeed offers a beautiful way for consumers to display their expensive vino bottles. Not only in a freestanding structure the Vine is also available in a wall-mounted design. Either way, it will help you enhance the elegance of your home interior with your wine collection.

According to the company, they’ve made every effort to accommodate different types and sizes of bottles. However, some irregular sizes and shapes may not work within the product.

Price of the Vine ranges between $129.00 – $218.95, depending on the type of rack you’ve selected (whether freestanding or wall-mounted).

DecorPro Freestanding Wine Rack

DecorPro freestanding vine rack

DecorPro Freestanding Wine Rack

Excellent decor object for interiors

Vine freestanding rack by Decorpro

Vine wall-mounted rack

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