gorenje-retro vw fridge

Vintage meets modern in this special edition Gorenje Retro VW fridge

Retro designs adding stunning accents to modern interiors is a growing trend. Keeping the latest fad in mind, Slovenian kitchen appliance company Gorenje and German car manufacturer Volkswagen have joined forces for presenting the official series of Retro VW fridge. Just by looking at its front, you can figure out that it has been inspired from the classic Volkswagen ‘Bulli’ Minibus from the yesteryears.

Boasting nostalgic design, the refrigerator has some impressive modern features that make it one of the best-selling retro products for a modern-day kitchen.The retro fridge offers the highest achievable energy-efficiency rating (A+++) with an advanced fan system that equalizes temperature like no other. It is capable of offering 260 liters of space for storing desired food and drink items that can be adjusted well in the sliding shelves and new compartments for meat.

The retro refrigerator also includes IonAir and DynamiCooling food preservation technology to help food stay fresh for a longer duration. So, with these smart features, you need not worry about food wastage, which is a big issue with most refrigerators available on the market.

The recognizable two-color front with large VW logo and chrome door handle make it look almost exactly like the four-wheeled VW camper van, which now can be parked in your kitchen. It is available in a vintage baby blue or Bordeaux red in combination with champagne color.

Unfortunately, the Gorenje Retro is not available in the U.S., but it is going on sale in Britain soon. You may sign-up here to find out when it’s available or plan a road trip to fetch your retro-themed VW fridge.

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Refrigerator inspired by VW minibus”‘Bulli”

gorenje-retro vw fridge

The retro design comes with modern technology

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Design of this fridge will add nostalgic flair to your kitchen

gorenje-retro vw fridge

The front panel has recognizable two-color design

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Large VW logo in the front

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Classic chrome handle

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Available in vintage baby blue or Bordeaux red in combination with champagne color

gorenje-retro vw fridge

You can park this retro fridge in your modern kitchen

gorenje-retro vw fridge

Classic Volkswagen ‘Bulli’ Minibus from the yesteryears

Via: InsideHook

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