The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth 2

Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker upcycled from old vinyl records

It is amazing to see the growing popularity of vintage vinyl LP in recent times. Bring in your modern trendy speakers and have your interiors decorated with vintage style music accessories. Vintage audio equipments are coming back in vogue with advanced sound quality and wireless capability.

Recently, Jeff Davis of Vinylux has teamed up with Uncommon Goods to make a vinyl bluettooth speaker out of reclaimed records in his Philadelphia workshop. To compose the speakers, Jeff collected vinyl from old record shops, waste collectors and even from people. Committed to sustainable manufacturing, he upcycled 150,000 non-functional records, and collected almost 40,000 pounds material. Without any wastage, he made a very good use of all parts of records.

To give the speaker a vintage look, Jeff shaped it to look like a horn loudspeaker with vinyl record. Speaker’s rest of the body resembles a classic gramophone, and he designed speaker’s base gracefully using best quality plywood.

To ensure speakers best acoustic response, Jeff included high-end internal components and a top-of the-line co-axial speaker driver. Unlike vintage records, you can’t drop the needle on this record, but it will play your entire digital music collection in analog-inspired style. While there is no promise made by the company to provide this high-quality sound speakers, but it is for sure that the speaker will come with good acoustic response which will also allow people to play retro spin into the mix.

The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker is a cool way to lend your smartphone a tiny speaker with good sound quality and wireless capability. Early bird backers can get their hands on this vintage-style sound speaker for just US$185.

The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth

Via: Kickstarter

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