Vivos Europa One

Vivos Europa One is a disaster home for the rich, very rich!

Mayan calendar predictions for December 21, 2012 and other scientific theories have created a stir around the globe, forcing just about everyone to think how we’d manage the doomsday. However, that was not the case with Vivos owner and project head Robert Vicino, who created first shelter for 1,000 people in 80’s.

Recently Robert Vicino announced their new project Vivos Europa One, an invitation only project located in the heart of Europe. Resting deep down below a limestone mountain, the 76-acre above and below ground, all-risk protection facility is designed to withstand a nuclear blast, massive shock waves, earthquakes, zombie attacks or any armed attack.

The large facility includes 21,108 square-meters of blast proof living area that is additionally provided with 4,079 square-meters of above-ground area for offices, apartments, warehouses, buildings and a train depot. The facility with approximately 5 km of tunnel chambers is operational with improvements underway in common area, private living quarters designed to survive any catastrophe.

Once completed it is going to be largest of all Vivos’ underground facilities in the world. Capable of accommodating more than 500 people, each family will be provided with 2,500 square-foot floor area, which can exceed to 5,000 square-foot floor area. Each family will be provided with private amenities like pool, theater, bedroom, deluxe bathrooms, gym, and kitchen/bar, depending upon each member’s personal desire.

Once each member’s private accommodations are completed, furnished and fully designed according to their preference, the quarters will be locked and secured thus, limiting the access to families or personal staff only. Vivos, apart from the living area will also manage common areas like roadways, restaurant, bakery, pub, wine cellar, community meeting rooms, prayer hall, nursery playroom, training room and computer center.

To offer maximum safety, the entrance is guarded with secure door system, which is further secured by 40-ton hydraulic truck access where massive steel doors provide airtight shut saving residents from chemical, biological and gas intrusion.

Stocked with minimum one year of supplies and stocks – including dried food, meats, grains and a garden for growing fresh vegetables.The underground water well will offer continuous supply of fresh water, whereas fuel to power generators. According to Vivos, everything is available and provided that is required during lockdown.

If you have a deep pocket and want to book yourself a secure and luxury packed residence for the doomsday, Vivos Europa One can be a perfectly planned retreat for you and your family. There is no word on how much it would cost to book a space in here, but there is no price for guessing its going to be hefty.

Vivos Europa One

Vivos providing all-risk protection shelter

Vivos Europa One

Secured entrance to shelter

Vivos Europa One

Gates provided with 40-ton hydraulic truck access door

Vivos Europa One

Hospital area managed and outfitted by Vivos

Vivos Europa One

Each family will be provided with 2,500 square-foot floor area

Vivos Europa One

Floor plan of Vivos designed Europa One

Via: Forbes

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