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Vlad Mititelu’s Classy Trumpet Shower Impresses Jazz Lovers

Possessing a well-designed walk-in-shower can be very relaxing. Not only can use it for bathing, but it can also be a perfect getaway to soothe your stressful soul. The space could be more relaxing if you install a shower that can fill your bathroom with serene, timeless aura. You don’t have to go anywhere to find one of a kind, as we are acquainting you with the JAZZ shower, a gold-winning object in the A’Design Award and Competition 2017 in the bathroom, furniture and sanitary ware category.

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Designed by  Vlad Mititelu, the masterpiece shower is the part of Art Showers Series, a project that meets the unique design standards, and aims to change your vision about objects around us. This is the reason JAZZ does not seem like traditional showers, rather it looks like a classy trumpet that oozes water instead of producing sound.

The design was Mititelu’s own idea that he got while taking shower in his bathroom. He explains;

I found the inspiration for this project in an almost mystic moment while taking a bath and listening to jazz music
at the same time. I felt no difference between water and music. It was almost like I was floating on the sound of the trumpet that I was hearing.

The 310mm wide and 1,240mm long shower can be beautifully accommodated in any bathroom, even in ones with limited space. It is covered carefully with copper wire by hand to provide it a steampunk gold finish. The shower took only four-to-five weeks to reach the production stage, and then got ready to be delivered in the commercial market. If we talk how its functions; you can control its water flow and temperature with its two handles positioned at the middle of the figure.

The shower will definitely woo buyers who love dancing on the beats of Jazz, and enjoy showering like life is a party every day.

You can buy it in three appealing color options – copper, gold and rose gold just for £2,900 (approx. US$3998).

JAZZ- The classy trumpet shower-7

Image: Vlad Mititelu

JAZZ- The classy trumpet shower-3

Image: Vlad Mititelu

JAZZ- The classy trumpet shower-3

Image: Vlad Mititelu

JAZZ- The classy trumpet shower-3

Image: Vlad Mititelu

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