Vocaloid Cocorobo by Sharp

Vocaloid Cocorobo gives singing voice to a robotic vacuum cleaner

The Sharp Corporation has unveiled the latest Vocaloid Cocorobo robot vacuum cleaner at the ongoing CEATEC trade show. This robotic vacuum features a singing synthesizer software called Vocaloid to hold simple conversations and sing to people. The Osaka-based firm created this singing robotic floor cleaner to strengthen homeowners’ bond with their electronics that connect to the internet and also use artificial intelligence for proper cleaning.

Design and Features

It is round vacuum cleaner that boasts the image of an anime character with big oblong eyes and pinkish hair on its top. The highlighting feature of this cleaner is that it’s enabled to play while moving around a floor continually. Moreover, the artificial intelligence can be used to scan the room without hitting onto the furniture in a room.

What is Vocaloid?

Vocaloid is a kind of voice synthesizing software that allows users to install their favorite songs so that the device can cheer them up wherever needed. There are many different Vocaloids, which are sold as characters, such as Hatsune Miku. The Cocorobo character has been around since 2014 and is voiced by Kido Ibuki, the voice of Yabuki Kana from “The Idolmaster Million Live!”

Why Vocaloid software in a vacuum cleaner?

According to Sharp, the idea to incorporate a Vocaloid anime character named Cocorobo into the cleaners is to make cleaning a fun task. The software not only listens and learns homeowners’ behaviors, but also sings songs to keep them entertained while wiping off dirt from the floor. The robot will play a cheerful song if it senses that users are feeling depressed during the course of conversation with the device.  It can sing five preset songs as well as other songs.


Although Sharp already sells the Cocorobo robot vacuum, but the new Vocaloid-equipped version features its original character and songs. But if you’re looking forward to bring this singing robotic cleaner to your home, you need to wait a little more – as there’s no official word on it commercial release yet.

Via: JapanTimes

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