Vuoristo coffee table by Studio Fabien Barrero+Carsenat displays reliefs and snowy landscapes


When it comes to buying coffee tables, you are surrounded with a galore of design options to choose from. Here we shall be discussing the ‘Vuoristo’ coffee table, which offers the usual function of a coffee table in quite an unusual form. The name of the table Vuoristo  means mountains in Finnish and it displays the natural landscape of the countryside. This table instead of having the usual legs of a regular table has steel-constructed cones. The peak of these cones extends above the surface of the table appearing like volcanic rocks above the clouds.


This low table was specially created for the year’s Design Week in Paris. French designer studio, Fabien Barrero+Carsenet created this beautiful Vuoristo Table that talk about the story of the awesome scenery of the rocky peaks and the sustainable material (Volvic stone) used to construct them. The three parts of the table including the conical steel gray legs, the table surface again in a steel gray color and the volcanic rocks above the surface gives the Vuoristo an exceptional appeal. This contemporary piece of furniture can give a unique and outstanding appearance to your living room.


Via: Dailytonic

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