Wabe Wall Planter by Paul Glasshaus

Wabe Wall Planter is vertical garden solution for urban dwellings

Australia-based furniture store Oblica has collaborated with Glasshaus Nursery to create a vertical wall planter that is both practical and cost effective. Entitled Wabe, the wall planter was designed with the aim to create a beautiful and sculptural planter that serves as a garden solution for people living in urban areas.

Made from galvanized steel, the planter supporting a unique hexagonal shape is designed by Aussie designer Paul Hyland from Glasshaus, who loves to explore the use of modern technologies with traditional techniques, with some inputs from Alexander Stross. Made in Melbourne, the modular planter allows inhabitants to fill large walls with as many units as they wish. Ideal for balcony, courtyard and interiors, the planter can also be used as a single unit.

Offering flexibility and customization, the vertical planter can be easily installed according to style, mood and season, thus giving freedom to decorate your walls according to personal preference. Bringing outdoors inside, the Wabe wall planter not only brings plants inside the living but also strikes as an piece of art.

Priced for $245, the Wabe wall planter is ideal for gifting purpose, especially to someone who loves plants and admires greenery.

Wabe Wall Planter by Paul Glasshaus

Diagram of Wabe wall planter by Paul Glasshaus


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