Wagz smart door - Pet Care Accessories at CES 2019

Wagz Smart Pet Door can be Remotely Controlled

At CES 2019, Wagz has launched Go Smart Door to let your dog in and out of the house when needed. The smart pet door can be accessed via your phone from anywhere, especially when you are away from home.

What makes it different from other pet doors in the market is the ability to open the door only when your dog needs it. At other times it can be closed, thereby preventing any other animals from vandalizing your property.

To make things super secure, the smart door works with the unique ID tag which opens the door when your dog is in range and shuts it when the dog has entered the home after doing his business.

There’s a motion-activated camera which records your dog’s movement when it comes in or goes out. The motion-activated LED light helps your dog during the dark hours to locate back the way when it goes far out.

The smart pet door works with multiple dogs at home and you can even set schedules to let them in or out at the preconfigured time.

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