wAir Hair Dryer by newWoodHD

wAir lets your hair respire fresh breeze from the Alps

In recent times, we all might have seen a sudden increase in demand for beauty gadgets. This demand has flocked the market with many beauty enhancing products and electronic gadgets, and whether how much benefits they show, we all know how much threat these plastic made electronic gadget holds. However, what if we introduce you to an all-new high-tech gadget, which is healthy for your hair as well as the environment.

So without wasting much time, let us introduce you to wAir, a first in its class handmade wooden hair dryer by Italian company newWoodHD from South Tyrol. The environmentally-friendly hairdryer is made from wood collected from the alpine forests and handcrafted by traditional carpenters, giving each piece unique as well as personalized touch of local artistry. The real wood casing hairdryer is conceived to provide the users an eye-flattering gadget that not only looks good in hand, but also bestow the users with fresh breeze of forest.

Designed by formAxiom, the wAir is a practical hair dryer that represents innovative designing, where every little detail is given utmost priority. To compete with the available products, the 2100-Watts dryer is fitted with latest and best technology, making sure it does not compromise over drying speed.

According to the company’s founder, the prototype dryer built 5 years back is still running smoothly proving that the wooden hair dryer is reliable and lasting product. This wooden cased dryer will surely provide smooth feeling while using and not to forget its pleasant wooden smell is likely to take you back to the green forest.

Currently, wAir is in its finishing phase and the founders of the company are positive that very soon they will start the preorder phase.  Till then, we can just ask you to wait, as once the dryer is up in market, the company guarantees that every morning the wAir dryer will take you on a trip to alpine forest so that you can breathe in pleasant scent of wood.


The first in its class wooden hair dryer wAir by newWoodHD


wAir is a hair dryer in real wood casing crafted by South Tyrolean traditional carpenters


The 2100-Watts powered dryer is fitted with latest technology


Made from wood collected from the alpine forests

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