Wake-up Machine

Wake-up Machine: Face-Slapping Alarm Clock is Heavy Sleepers’ Nightmare

Heavy sleepers know how hard it is to get up early in the morning. Even alarm clock cannot help, as one can easily hit the snooze button or simply turn it off. However sometimes you really need to attend an early morning meeting at work, but all you’re doing is snoozing in your cozy bed. How about a morning slap each day? Sounds too rude, right?

Well, Swedish DIY enthusiast, Simone Giertz has come up with a horrific awakening device called Wake-up Machine that literally slaps you awake. It would surely be anyone’s worst waking up nightmare. But this ridiculously funny alarm clock surely does exist.

Using a clock, a motor and a Halloween prop hand, Giertz has managed to build this bizarre alarm contraption that hits the user directly on the face until he/she gets out of the bed. This violent wake-up system can be placed above the user’s bed. It rings the alarm once but if the stubborn sleeper doesn’t get up, then it gets fierce and its rotating rubber arm starts hitting in the face over and over.

Another drawback besides being annoying is that it can even rip off hair while bashing your face. Nevertheless, some of you might agree that a few heavy sleepers in your family do deserve such treatment. We already imagined a grin on your face.

For fun, you can create this DIY slapping alarm clock by following Giertz’s instructions on her YouTube Channel. As of now, check out the video below to see it in action.

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