Walabot DIY In Wall Imager for your boyfriend

Walabot DIY In Wall Imager

Walabot DIY In Wall Imager will transform your smartphone into an advanced wall imager allowing you to see what’s inside concrete and drywall up to 4-inches deep. The wall imager pairs with an Android smartphone to produce the visual image of metal and wooden studs, wires, PVC and pipes hiding within the walls.

Ideal for anyone in need of advanced wall imaging capabilities, the imager is perfect for the ambitious DIY-er in your life, who wants real-time visual images of what is hidden behind the wall. The Walabot multifunction wall scanner uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology for advanced detection and shows users images in pan mode, image mode, and expert mode.

Compatible with all Android phones running Android v5.0 and above, this In-wall scanner is not compatible with the iPhone or iPad. Interesting, the scanner can even help detect and track the movement of rodents behind the wall, just in case that was something disturbing you.

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