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3D-Printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Walk into the world’s first 3D printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Snap out of old house building materials – concrete blocks and wood, as we are going to acquaint you with an actual 3D-printed Castle of dreams by Minnesota-based architect Andrey Rudenko. Although concrete is used in its construction, but not using the regular tools. Instead a 3D-printer is used in forming firm structure of the castle in which one can walk around and live comfortably (if one wants to fulfill their desire of living in a castle).

Rudenko prepared his own 3D-printer that can extrude smooth layers of concrete one over the other to form perfect geometric walls. The 3D-printed layers of the castle are created by laying down 0.4 x 1.2-inches of concrete. He actually wanted to build a 3D-printed house for himself but formed this castle to test whether his printer can build a strong building structure or not.

It took about 5 months for completing the entire structure of the castle, which is now used as a playhouse for visitors to walk around and relive their childhood fantasy of living in a castle. After constructing this beautiful castle, the architect is now looking forward to building his two-story house using the same technology. Hopefully, he will successfully achieve his goal of creating a real 3D-printed home very soon.

3D-Printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Parts of the building made through 3D-printer

3D-Printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Layers of concrete on over the other are extruded using the fine 3D-printing technology

3D-Printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Design of one of the blocks of the Castle

3D-Printed Castle by Andrey Rudenko

Finished structure of the castle

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