Wallbrights: Smartphone-controlled wall decal to spruce up your room

Are you looking to spice up the walls of your room with a wall decal or wall stickers, well look no further, Wallbrights are here to season your room and let it make a statement like never before. Designed by Debra Courtenay, the Wallbrights is a lighting solution that combines the goodness of wall decals with the beauty of LEDs. Each piece of Wallbrights comes with an adhesive back allowing the users to stick them anywhere in any pattern they desire.

All the user needs to keep in mind is that the Wallbrights take any shape easily but their male and female connectors need to be connected cautiously so that they can be finally plugged into an outlet. The Wallbrights plug is Bluetooth enabled, which allows the user to switch the wall decal on and off using your smartphone installed with a dedicated app. So, just stick up the Wallbrights onto the wall, control its switching and color schemes with your smartphone, and transform your room from bland to brilliant instantly.

The Wallbrights provided in hexagonal and stripped shapes, and built-in with LEDs capable of producing any color on the RGB spectrum, is a project up on Quirky – so visit Quirky and decide the price you’d want to shell to take home the Wallbrights.

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