Wardrobe Lean by Deparso

Wardrobe Lean: Minimally designed multifunctional wardrobe unit

Germany-based design house Deparso has created Wardrobe Lean, a revolutionary product to hang clothes that is ideal for limited spaces. The multifunctional product designed to carry and hold clothes comes with a purist clock, thus helping you keep your room organized and that without losing the edge of time.

Made using steel, which is later powder coated with signal white color to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Resembling a metallic shelf, the internal portion of the wardrobe lean is provided with ample space to hang jackets, bags, etc, whereas the integrated quartz movement keeps you updated with time.

Strong and durable in nature, the top of wardrobe lean can also be used to place your important stuff like wallet, keys and other documents. The 79 x 15.5 x 17 cm wardrobe holder is multi functional offering creative and new possibilities that can be explored according to personal requirement.

The clock hands colored red and black placed over glossy white color create lean and elegant product, which will complement the living in small space. Priced for €169 (approx. $187) this minimalist wardrobe-cum-shelving unit by Deparso will look good no matter where it is fitted.

Wardrobe Lean by Deparso

Wardrobe hanger with purist clock

Wardrobe Lean by Deparso

Powder coated with signal white, hands of the clock are colored black and red for easy visibility

Wardrobe Lean by Deparso

Metallic hangers with ample space to carry jacket, bags etc.

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