Watch a whole chicken ninja-sliced by 150 mph rocket knife

YouTuber “The Backyard Scientist” has made a 150 mph rocket knife that perfectly bisects a whole chicken, a roast steak, or a toy car in mere seconds. This powerful knife is inspired by the Mythbusters experiment, where they split a car in half with a rocket-powered plow.

But due to budget and space constraints, the YouTuber has scaled it down to a rocket-powered knife that can ninja-slice a 3.5-pound piece of poultry in no time. Although this one is not meant for kitchen countertops, for obvious reasons, but if you like to blow things up (without hurting people) then you can surely try this experiment in your garden.

All you need to do is attached a 150 mph rocket to a knife, and see how it tears things apart, making you feel like you’ve cleared a high-scoring round of Fruit Ninja.

Check out the video below to see the rocket-powered knife in action. The video captures its effectiveness in slow motion and also points out some painful consequences of such dangerous experiment.


Via: That’sNerdalicious

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