Wayfair Experts Predict 2021 Design Trends

These are Wayfair’s Eight Inspirational Interior Design Trends for 2021

Toward the end of every year, design experts and brands forecast new interior design styles and trends for the upcoming year. This primarily showcases what materials, styles, accents, and color palettes will be popular in the upcoming year. While it’s your choice to go ahead with them or stay happy with the old ones; here are the design trends for 2021 as suggested by experts at Wayfair.

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According to Wayfair, eight different styles are expected to be on the rise in 2021. From nature-inspired décor to modern boho chic, the trend list is inspiring enough for design-loving homeowners out there. Have a look below:

  1. Experts are predicting Emerald green is going to be a standout color that will be taking up homes in 2021. Combining it with other styles and accents will also give elegant results. This rich tone brings a fresh essence of greenery into the home.
  2. Nature-inspired décor is never out of fashion. The earthy designs and organic textures are going to be a hit in 2021 as well. People are getting more interested in eco-friendly materials and natural textiles like rattan and jute.
  3. Curved shapes are one of the biggest trends from the ’60s that are making a comeback. Rounded elements add soothing energy to home décor while soft fabrics ensure comfort.
  4. Wayfair experts say that vintage ’80s inspired pieces will be popular in 2021. These pieces lean heavily on soft curves and geometric prints. Expect more playful shapes, bold patterns, and colors in the coming year.
  5. Classic décor combined with some modern touch will help elevate home decor. Bold colors and playful details are important for this style.
  6. Boho chic style is defined by unique patterns, mirrored surfaces, and metallic accents. Mixing and matching with neutral tones enhances this home décor style.
  7. A combination of classic and contemporary creates a fresh yet dramatic look. Use chic silhouettes and glam accents to blend in Art Deco style.
  8. Evoke a sense of past with timeless pieces and heirloom touches. A cozy feeling is what people will be demanding in 2021.

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