We Are A Family sofa-bed is both sustainable and innovative

You have a large friend circle, but a very confined apartment. The biggest problem that you face then is not being able to accommodate any friends home overnight. Enter We Are A Family – sofa-bed by designer Ole Jensen. Exploring the functional realms of sustainable and transforming furniture, Ole has used bamboo and cotton to create a sofa-bed that uses bedding for the seating on the bamboo frame. The combo works as a sofa during the day and can be ripped apart by removing the layers of the bedding to form bed for 6 guests you have at home. The sustainable and innovative furniture unit is only a prototype for now, but for us it has great potential to see the light of the day. We Are A Family sofa-bed was exhibited at ‘It’s a small world’ at the Danish Design Centre Copenhagen.

Via: DesignRulz

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