These tiny houses feature unusual interior layouts

One side of this tiny house has a proper office-setup with four screens. There is no bathroom and kitchen, but it has a loft bedroom.

Browny Mobile Office

Home Office

home Gym

Designed for a mother and her daughter, this tiny house has a playground featuring a slide, mat, and a climbing wall. 

Hope of Happiness

Climbing wall


This tiny home features upside-down layout with a living room upstairs and a bedroom just below it.

Ellebore  Tiny House

upstairs living room

This tiny home design utilizes space under stairs as an office nook, just next to a big window. A wooden fence separates the living area from the work space.

Milanda Tiny House

Desk under stairs

Not just a mobile home, it is also a music studio on wheels. A sailor fabric curtain can be used to separate the studio.

Rhapsodie Tiny House

music studio