Helinox Tactical Cot Tent Lets You Sleep Safely Above the Ground  

Happy Jasta  ·  16 May,  2024


South Korean brand Helinox introduces its latest lineup of Tactical tents and other camping gear in the US

The collection includes the Cot Tent and the Field Tunnel Tent as well as camping furniture and a portable office

The Tactical Field Tunnel Tent is a freestanding tent with 140 square feet of space and over 7ft headroom

The Tactical Cot Tent is a lightweight shelter that offers fully enclosed sleeping space for one person above the ground

There is another version with mesh cover and option to add a waterproof fly for more protection against the elements

The Tactical collection also includes two sizes of camping chairs and tables

If you need to work outdoors, there's even a portable office

The Tactical camping tents are unique because they pair with a legged cot to let you camp off the ground safely

You can buy the Tactical collection on the Helinox US website right now!