Must-See Installations at Milan Design Week 

Happy Jasta  ·  9 April,  2024


Interiors by David Lynch - A Thinking Room


One of the most awaited installations at the Milan Design Week 2024, it features two similar mirrored “thinking rooms” that have been conceived as symbolic doors.

Aquatecture by Grohe


Conceived by the in-house LIXIL Global Design and Brand Identity team, the installation pays tribute to the history of the Palazzo Reale building.



It is a site-specific installation designed by Emiliano Ponzi in collaboration with glo for art. The installation will live inside the Gattinoni Hub.

Data Bugs – AI is a mirror


It is an emotional immersive installation by the multidisciplinary studio Dotdotdot. It explores the generative power of Artificial Intelligence and also discusses how AI can reinforce bias and stereotypes using data.



Italian company Stark in collaboration with Alice Buroni, Gloria Lisi and Alex Buroni has created this multi-sensorial installation. It is based on the new theme proposed by Fuorisalone “Materia Natura.”

Pop by Nature


Chiquita in partnership with Romero Britto has created this installation where people can experience art in a spontaneous and interactive way.

Making Sense of Color


The installation is created by Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design, Ivy Ross and her design team, in collaboration with the Chromasonic artistic and research laboratory.

Lines of Flight at The Art of Dreams


This installation by Porsche is a large suspended network that encourages visitors to climb in and explore this social immersive sculpture like a “social hammock.” It refers to the act of escaping, flowing, leaving, and dissolving into the distance.

Hisense Innovation Market


It is a dynamic and colorful installation combining taste, innovation and fun in a unique location. The venue includes cooking shows and DJ sets.

1st by IKEA


During the 2024 Milan Design Week, the Swedish brand IKEA will be presenting its first exhibition focuses on “first place” theme. It will be designed by architect Midori Hasuike and designer Emerzon.