Stylish and Functional Birdhouses for Feathered Friends

Made of Oak wood and copper, this birdhouse combines a planter with an ergonomic bird feeder, a nest and a speaker. It enhances the sound of birdsong while pleasing the eye with beautiful shapes and greenery.

Orator Birdhouse  by Katia Tolstykh

Inspired by nature, the birdhouse features a round shape that reduces the impact of rain, snow and wind. It is collapsible and can be cleaned at the end of the season.

Domik Ptashki  by Igor Dydykin

It is a wooden house for sparrows. The curved framework is made from precision cut wooden strips and there is a single hole for birds to enter inside.

Affinity Birdhouse  by Ryan Bruxvoort

These coffin-shaped birdhouses are inspired by iconic Googie signs from the early 1960s. They come with clean-outs on the bottom and air holes on the back.

Hexocaster Birdhouse by MidCenturyWoodShop

This half-timbered birdhouse made of teak has a removable feed drawer. Standing on the garden, it is covered with thatch, trimmed and decorated with heather fabric.

Birdhouse with Thatched Roof by Garpa

Oak wood log complete with bark is turned into a birdhouse. It features a V-shaped metal plate roof and a perch for birds. 

Bird House by MAMO Architects

Made of Cedar wood and aluminum, this birdhouse by A2ZWoodenletters on Etsy is designed in shape of a camper. It has an access door on bottom for easy cleaning. 

Vintage Camper Birdhouse

This egg-shaped nesting box can be outfitted with readily available smart home cameras to stream videos to your phone. The unit is made of real wood panels and biodegradable plastics. 

The Peep Show by Steven Gray

This birdhouse is result of a collaboration between Mano de Santo design studio with Tarkett. The birdhouse is made from linoleum parts that can be easily connected together. 

ELVI Birdhouse by Mano de Santo

This birdhouse is made of a repurposed ostrich egg acquired from a local flea market in Brooklyn. There is a hole cut into the face of the egg for access and even a small perch of a moss-covered branch.

Bird Nest by Snøhetta