Why is LINE Mega-City in Saudi Arabia Such a Buzz: Facts You Should Know

Happy Jasta  ·  10 April,  2024

The LINE is planned as a 170-kilometre linear city that will run from east to west across the Neom region in Saudi Arabia.

It spans across three different geological regions: coastal desert, mountain and upper valley.

The city is proposed to be  200-meters-wide and will be built 500-meters above the sea level.

The buildings will be clad with mirrored facades to blend into the landscape.

Everything will be within walking distance, including daily essentials and green open spaces.

The city will run on 100% renewable energy

Image: Giles Pendleton

Image: Giles Pendleton

Its 34-sq-km footprint is only 2% of conventional cities.

Image: Giles Pendleton