Volkswagen's New California1 Hybrid Camper Van Is Bigger Than Ever  

Happy Jasta  ·  10 May,  2024


Volkswagen’s new California1 camper van range come with a plug-in hybrid drive, which means they can also be EV

The camper vans are based on the long version of the extremely modern Multivan that makes extra room inside

The pop-up roof offers headroom up to 6.9ft. The raised roof bed measures  6.7 x 3.7 ft and is equipped with a comfortable mattress and dished springs.

There are five versions - Beach, Beach Tour, Beach Camper, Coast and Ocean – each with different features and interior architecture.

As a standard feature across all models, there are sliding doors on the left and right sides for a connection with the outdoors. An optional awning can also be added for rain or sun protection.

The new individual seats in the rear makes space to store expensive bikes inside, and the seats can also be positioned individually according to personal preferences.

The New California Beach, Beach Tour, Beach Camper models come with a mini-kitchen in the rear while the Coast and Ocean versions have a full kitchenette on the driver’s side.

All camper van functions can be controlled and checked via the display in the living area (except the Beach model), infotainment in-car app or California app on a smartphone.

Two-tone paintwork is another common feature in the camper van models.

You can reserve the New California1 starting in June 2024, and it will be delivered later in the year