Whirlpool’s new super-sized top load washer to debut at CES 2016

Whirlpool’s new super-sized top load washer to debut at CES 2016

You’ve got a huge pile of laundry but your washer has only limited space? Now, you can replace your old small washing machine with Whirlpool’s new super-sized top load washer. This large washer (WTW9500EC model) comes with 6.2-cubic-feet capacity, which is the largest capacity in the industry. The gigantic washer can clean up to 26 pounds of laundry in a single wash.

Average washers often come up with maximum 5-cubic-feet capacity and can handle eight pounds of laundry load. But this gigantic 26 pounds washer is almost triple in size. This means no more single cleaning cycles for two or three times. With this huge top load washer you can clean up a full week’s laundry in one go. Sounds like an awesome deal for lazy bums out there.

Besides it amazingly large capacity, Whirlpool’s new top load washer also features ‘Load and Go’ detergent system to hold enough soap for as many as 14 loads of laundry. Plus, Adaptive Wash technology is also integrated into the washing machine. This technology automatically adjusts the amount of water used on a load-by-load basis.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a matching dryer integrated with Advanced Moisture Sensing technology. The energy-efficient sensor can immediately turn the machine off once your clothes are dry. The price of the super-sized washer with dryer can range from $2,500 to $3,000. You can find out more information about its availability and release date at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Plus, you can even see Whirlpool’s Amazon Dash-integrated smart appliances at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Via: Cnet

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